Learn Time-Honored Techniques from a True Master

Are you intrigued by the mysterious inner workings of old watches and antique clocks? Do you want to save some cash and change your own watch batteries? Do you have old, broken jewelry that you know would be a simple fix if you only had the tools? Or Maybe you wish to expand into a exciting career in the jewelry repair or clock repair? Stop wishing and take your first step into the exciting jewelry, watch, and clock repair field!

Welcome to the Jewelry & Watch Repair School of New England! Here, you will turn your interest in jewelry, watches, and clocks into practical, real world experience in the jewelry repair, clock repair, and watch repair industries. Our correspondence courses allow you to study at home at a comfortable pace, while our video-guided lessons get you repairing watches, clocks, and jewelry right away. Check out our brochure and school catalog for more info, or drop us an email to get started on the way into the exciting jewelry, watch, and clock repair world!

Why Choose Us?

We know what we're doing.

We at the Jewelry & Watch Repair School of New England aren't just pencil-pushers or busybodies. We work daily in the high-volume retail jewelry, watch, and clock repair industry. We know what it's like out there in the field, after handling hundreds of thousands of customers, repairs, and unique situations for over 35 years. We believe that with the right tools and expert guidance, anyone can become a master. Through our school, you will be able to build the foundation you need and acquire practical, real-world experience fixing watches, clocks and jewelry. We're also approved by the Commissioner of Higher Education.

You control your learning experience.

To attend our school, you never have to leave the comfort of your own home. Our courses are video guided, and come complete with all the tools and materials to complete your projects. We mail you everything you need, you do your work and mail it back to us - it's that simple. You have control over when you study, how fast you progress through lessons, even how many times you repeat different projects. You build real, useable experience which lets you fly through the unique and exciting worlds of horology and metalsmithing. We give you the knowledge you need, then stand back and let you spread your wings. If you get stuck, we're always standing by to help out (even after you graduate!).

We are the best investment you can make.

Having experience in a trade is the best security blanket you can have for the future. These days, everyone is an "Executive" this and a "Director" of that and a so-and-so "Technician". With real, practical knowledge of an artisan trade, you will never find yourself without some sort of work. The skills you develop with our courses can be applied in many ways to enrich your business, your finances, and even your personal life. As an added bonus, your foundation of experience in the jewelry, watch, and clock repair industry is supplemented by a full set of tools that can be used for future projects beyond the scope of our programs. Add this to our affordable tuition, detailed instruction, and unlimited troubleshooting, and it's clear that the Jewelry & Watch Repair School of New England is the best starting point for your journey into the metalsmithing and horology fields.

Why Jewelry, Watch, or Clock Repair?

The jewelry, watch, and clock repair fields are all very closely linked. Improvement upon ancient clocks over hundreds of years led to the modern-day wristwatch. Many watches are still worn today for decoration more than functionality, and thus are tied inseparably to the jewelry industry. With millions of styles of clocks, watches, and jewelry, this industry remains one of the most interesting and rewarding to be a part of. Every day presents unique designs, new challenges, and the fulfillment of preserving both innovative and traditional techniques.

Repairing watches, clocks, and jewelry professionally is still considered an artisan trade that takes many years of experience and a master to guide you along the way. When you have a good foundation, it is easy to build upon it with experience and become an expert. The first steps into the field are pretty simple - with us showing you the way, you will quickly see connections and learn the excellent craftsmanship necessary to succeed in the jewelry and watch repair world.