Beginning and Intermediate Jewelry Repair

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Price: $900.00 + $50 Application Fee

With every project we send you: DVD, text supplement, tools to complete all of the projects, and silver jewelry.

Projects include:

  • Soldering Jump Rings
    • Create a short chain from several open jump rings by interlocking them and soldering them closed.
  • Repairing Simple Chain
    • Fix several broken sections of some simple styles of chain.
  • Repairing Box Chain
    • Learn techniques to repair box chain that has been broken in several places
  • Rope Chain Repair
    • Fix broken rope necklaces using a few different techniques.
  • Chain End Soldering
    • Learn to remove ends from a section of chain and attach new ones.
  • Glasses Frame Repair
    • Solder broken glasses frames in some of the most commonly broken areas.
  • Sawing
    • Learn control of a jeweler's saw by cutting shapes and lines into sheet metal.
  • Ring Sizing - Smaller
    • Make rings smaller sizes.
  • Ring Sizing - Larger
    • Learn how to add sizes into rings.

Since ancient times, jewelry has been used by humans for ornamental, spiritual, and social purposes. Working with metal, especially in making and repairing jewelry, has always been regarded as an artisan craft. This course will provide you with the fundamental skills and knowledge you need to learn to fix jewelry. The text covers basic information to teach you about different styles of jewelry, properties of metal, types of material used in jewelry making, and technical points of soldering jewelry.

Upon completion of Beginning & Intermediate Jewelry Repair, you will be able to fix several styles of chain, size rings larger and smaller, cut shapes into metal using a frame saw, and perform other common jewelry repairs. We include instructions for soldering broken glasses, a common repair seen frequently in the jewelry repair industry. Whether you are seeking a job in the jewelry repair industry or you are interested in fixing your own jewelry, this course is the right first step for anyone who has interest in working in the jewelry field.

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