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Jewelry repair, watch repair and clock repair are fascinating trades that go hand-in-hand, offering good income, job satisfaction, and endless career opportunities. You can become an expert in these fields when there is a true master to guide you every step of the way; through our school, we will be that master for you. Our goal is to help you succeed in building a firm foundation of skills and knowledge through our video-guided distance learning programs. Take a look at our brochure!

Writing testimonials are not something I usually do. However when I experience a company that exemplifies a standard of integrity which is above and beyond the norm, due credit has to be given. I will share my delightful experience with the New England School of Jewelry and Watch Repair because it has given me a new literal lease on life. I was 64 years old and looking to improve my bottom line of my existing jewelry design business. I knew that adding a service such as watch repair would lead to repeat customers, small inventory and high profits. My quest now was where and how to learn this in-demand trade. I needed online support due to my busy schedule. I found such a school in yours. At first I was skeptical about paying up front for a course that may not give me the results I wanted. However after speaking to you, Oleg, you sounded so sincere about your intentions of commitment to your students, that I decided to give it a try. After receiving all my materials in the mail on time as promised, my anxiety went away. Every time I called the school for a question someone including yourself would take the time to make sure I understood the answers completely. You and your staff never gave me reason to think that my questions were not important to you. You gave me more than I bargained for. It's a little over a year now since I received my diploma. My net profit last year was $135,000. I have opened another small store and a mobile watch and jewelry repair service. Next year the projections are higher. Most important to me is how you treat your students after the graduate. I personally have called you for advice on many occasions and you were always there for me with the right answers. If there are any prospective students who would like to talk to me in person, you have my permission to give them my phone number. You may use this letter as a heartfelt testimonial. To you and your staff I am deeply in your debt! Keep up the great work- May your school have such a positive effect on your future students, as it did on me.

Harvey — Tucson, AZ

Thank goodness I found the New England School of Watch and Jewelry Repair. I have never been a traditional type of learner, using books and studying. As a visual learner, it was really good to get the video, learn and then get my hands on the projects. Everyone is so nice and helpful when it comes to any questions regarding any issues or questions along the way. They are just a phone call away for guidance. I felt so proud when my very first diploma arrived in the mail! Now that I have had this first time experience with this wonderful school, I have decided to take all the courses and get the equivalent of an associate degree! I could not be happier!

Keith P — Plainsboro, NJ

I am a 75 year old retired financial consultant and have always been intrigued with watch repair. I own 75 watches and the repairs were killing me. I saw the Jewelry and Watch Repair School of New England on the internet and thought I can learn to fix my own watches. The school was great for me. It was affordable, supplied me with the tools and now I can do most of my own repairs. It has nearly paid for itself already.

Gary M — West Palm Beach, FL

I tried two other jewelry schools and got nothing from them. The Jewelry and Watch Repair School of New England taught me more than the other two combined. I can fix gold and silver and even re-string pearls. They are simply the best!

Perry S — Denver, CO

I took both watch courses in 2009 and have become a successful store owner fixing and selling antique watches in the downtown Toronto area. I just completed my first jewelry course and plan to take another. Oleg's school taught everything I needed to know to repair watches. I am planning on opening another store in 2011 dedicated to both watches and jewelry. With Oleg's teachings I know I will be successful.

Jill B — Toronto, Canada

I just completed the pearl stringing course and couldn't be happier with what I learned. The program gave me a great start by teaching me what I need to know. The course curriculum was easy to grasp and fun too. Thanks Oleg! I look forward to signing up for another course before the end of 2011.

Sheila C — Queens, NY

I was in the jewelry and watch repair industry for the better part of 6 years. That was 10 years ago. I took all the courses that the school offered to prepare myself to re-enter the industry. I am glad I did. I learned what I needed to be successful, found a great job and am making more money than ever.

Matt M — Hartford, CT

At the Jewelry and Watch Repair School of New England we offer our students a complete package at a competitive price. All of our courses come complete with the tools and materials you need to start working right away!

We are members of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, and the International Vocational Education and Training Association, and we are approved by the State of Connecticut Commissioner of Higher Education.