Beginning and Intermediate Watch Repair

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Price: $800 + $50 Application Fee

With every project we send you: DVD, text supplement, tools to complete all of the projects, and watches.

Projects include:

  • Bracelet Adjustment
    • Learn to remove links from several types of watch bracelets.
  • Pin Replacement
    • Replace missing or damaged pins of several kinds.
  • Battery Replacement
    • Learn how to replace a variety of watch batteries.
  • Stem and Crown Adjustment
    • Fix or replace broken stem and crown assemblies.
  • Crystal Replacement
    • Replace broken or missing watch crystals, both glass and plastic.
  • Quartz Movement Replacement
    • Fix a watch whose movement has been damaged or worn out.
  • Mechanical to Quartz
    • Update antique mechanical watches to battery power.

Bonus Material

  • Popular Watch Brands
    • Learn some common watch brands.
  • Other Common Repairs
    • Other repairs you may find along your way which are not included in this course.

About Beginning & Intermediate Watch Repair

This course teaches the fundamentals of watch repair. If you want to be able to fix your own watches, change watch batteries, adjust watch bracelets, or just repair quartz watches, this is the course for you. Beginning and Intermediate Watch Repair covers all aspects of quartz watch repair. You will start with basic maintenence - including watch battery replacement, pin replacement, and watch bracelet adjustment. When you have mastered the basics, you will move up to more complicated quartz watch repairs - stem and crown repairs and quartz movement replacement. This course is broken into three lessons and a final project. Taking this course will give you the foundation you need to start fixing all types of quartz watches on your own.

About Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are a fascinating product of modern engineering, allowing us to keep perfect time within fractions of a second per year. Watch collectors often have many quartz watches whose batteries require replacing at least once every couple of years. When you become familiar with the anatomy of a quartz watch, its various functions, and how to maintain and repair them, it will be easy to service your own watch collection or that of others. Jewelery stores don't often change watch batteries in watches they didnt sell; because many sales employees are not trained in watch repair, jewelry stores often send watches out for a week or more-even for simple battery replacements. This course teaches everything from simple bracelet adjustment and battery replacement to movement replacement and conversion. You will learn the time-honored techniques to maintain and repair all types of quartz watches.

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