Master Watchmaker

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With every project we send you: DVD, text supplement, tools to complete all of the projects, and watches.

Projects include:

  • Overhaul and Cleaning of a Mechanical Movement
    • Become familiar with the different parts of a mechanical watch movement and how they make the watch work. Learn to disassemble, clean, oil, and reassemble mechanical watches.
  • Crystal Replacement
    • Learn to replace crystals in mechanical watches.
  • Stem/Crown Adjustment
    • Adjust and replace the stem and crown for a mechanical watch.
  • Adjusting a Cannon Pinion
    • Adjust a loose or tight cannon pinion to make your mechanical watch's hands stay on with proper friction.
  • Mainspring Replacement
    • Replace a worn mainspring so your mechanical watch winds and keeps time properly.

Bonus Material

  • Types of Mechanical Movements
    • A list of the different types of mechanical watch movements.
  • Ordering Replacement Parts
    • How to handle ordering new parts to replace worn or damaged mechanical watch parts.
  • Troubleshooting Guide
    • Learn what causes different problems with your mechanical watch.

Mechanical watch repair is a near-forgotten niche of the watch repair world, with more and more people buying inexpensive, battery-operated watches that require little maintenence. Mechanical watches require much more service than quartz watches. Like cars, they must be in use and frequently lubricated to keep in good running condition. Despite the dwindling number of watchmakers, many people still have interest in mechanical watches. Whether an heirloom or a new purchase, a mechanical watch is an interesting and useful addition to the wrist on many different occasions. This course will teach you exactly how a mechanical watch works and how to clean, oil, and maintain the various parts inside. Whether put to use on customer merchandise or on your own vintage collection, maintaining mechanical watches is a skill that is both lucrative and interesting.

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