Restringing and Engraving

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Price: $500 + $50 Application Fee

With every project we send you: DVD, text supplement, tools to complete all of the projects, and pearls.

Projects include:

  • Bead Tips - Single Strand
    • Basic stringing of a single strand of beads.
  • Bead Tips - Multi-Strand
    • Restring a multi-strand necklace.
  • Continuous Necklace
    • Make a lariat style necklace.
  • Tigertail Wire Restringing
    • Learn to restring beads onto wire.
  • Stringing on a Chain
    • String metal beads on a silver chain.
  • Pearl Necklace - No Knots
    • Learn to handle pearls and string them into a graduated necklace.
  • Pearl Necklace - With Knots
    • Learn to hand-tie knots between pearls for a necklace.
  • Multi-Strand Bracelet
    • Create a multi-strand knotted pearl bracelet.

Bonus Material

  • Ring Engraving
    • Learn to engrave the inside of a ring using specific equipment.
  • Engraving on a Flat Surface
    • Engrave on a flat surface using a specific flat engraver.

Restringing is a very popular pastime for bead enthusiasts, who turn beads they find online, in craft stores, or in rummage sales into unique pieces of jewelry. Many jewelry stores do not take repairs that involve restringing beads and pearls, since many jewelers don't want to take the time to fix strands of beads and pearls when they could be spending the time with other repairs. With some patience and a little practice, restringing skills can be honed and turned into a profitable repair or design business. This course teaches the most widely used techniques for restringing beaded necklaces and bracelets. You will learn what materials are used for each type of bead and why to use them; by the end you will be able to repair and create the most popular styles of beaded jewelry. As a bonus, we have included instructions for engraving on rings and flat surfaces.

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